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    Wholesale + Retail

    Kettle Boiled Bagels

    Traditional, NY-Style Water Bagels
    Made from Locally Sourced Grains

Serving Seattle since 1986

It's all about relationships, the bagel is simply what brings us together.



What sets us apart is the pride we have in building meaningful, local relationships – from our bakers to the wheat farmers in Eastern Washington we trade with.


We don’t take shortcuts by using economy-sized steam ovens to mass produce. We are committed to the traditional method of kettle boiling bagels.


We use artisan techniques to craft an authentic bagel. Mixing from scratch recipes and topped individually by hand, our bagels are made fresh daily.
  • SBB

    Pike Place Counter
    93 Pike St #4
    Seattle, WA 98101
    Daily: 8a to 4p

    Retail Bakery Outlet
    4445 S 134th Pl
    Tukwila, WA 98168
    M-F: 6a to 2p


Since 1986, Seattle Bagel Bakery uses artisan techniques and local ingredients to handcraft traditional NY-style water bagels.