Hand Crafted. Traditional Methods. Small Batches.

Artisan Seattle Bagels

Our craft is a seven step process:


We mix our bagels according to original recipes – no bagel mixes or bases here. Our trusty recipes, along with the best-quality ingredients, give Seattle Bagel Bakery bagels the rich and one-of-a-kind flavor and texture that our customers love.


We feed our dough through a bagel machine to portion and shape the bagels. The invention of these bagel machines by the Lenders family in the late 1950s in Brooklyn, NY, helped spread the bagel craze across the country – and all the way to Seattle!


The now-formed bagels plump and rise as we allow the dough to rest in a warm and wet – and yeast-friendly – environment.


Comparable to the aging produce of wine or cheese; we slow the action of the yeast by placing our bagels in a cool room to mature. The flavors deepen and the texture becomes denser.

Kettle Boiling.

The key step in the true craft of bagel making: the bagels are dropped into a kettle of boiling water. The hot water cooks the starch on the outside of the bagel, giving the bagels a signature crisp crust.


Yielding a heartier good, we individually hand top each bagel with our many toppings. A typical Seattle Bagel Bakery bagel has about two ounces of seeds, onions or cheese smothered onto the top.


And finally, into the oven the bagels go, where they bake hot and fast to shiny, crisp, chewy perfection.